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Kansas State Gop Lawmaker Suggests Shooting Immigrants From Helicopters


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What a misinformed jackass.

I have full blooded Cherokee indians in my bloodlines, and I know they saw white people take their land, women, children and their freedom from them.

What an Ahole!!!

That guy needs swift kick to the groin for his comments.

How is it they forget the recent past so easily?

Hell, half of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas was Taken from the Mexicans.

What about the Rest of the continent that was Taken from the Native Americans?, ??

I would like to string together a line of these like minded people and drop them off a boat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean tied to the anchor from the boat that brought their ancestors over here.

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If we cull the herds of illegals like animals,as Mr. Peck suggests, can we begin to wear their skins and have their heads mounted on our walls?


Shall we eat their meat and use their tendons to tie our shoes?


I would think the American Beef/Pork/Chicken industries would block the action to protect their market share.


"Mmmmmmm, free-range Illegal, its what's for dinner...."



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