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Hello Everyone

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I'm not new to this site but just recently found out about this forum. I have attended the market twice met a few people & to those people I want to say thanks for your help & all the advice,it this site is really is great source of info for a novice grower & all the people are wonderful & helpful. Now alittle info about myself, I am a patient as well as a caregiver with 3 patients which are all family members. We all suffer from degenerative disc disease,also I have 2 herniated disc in my neck. Looking for strain suggestions for theses ailments. I'm a vey avid sports fan but overall I'm a basketball junkie who bleeds purple & gold been a laker fan since magic johnson over 30 years & counting! Wishing everyone a happy,blessed,prosperous & bountiful year!

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Welcome, we are happy to have you here. My girlfriend has similar back disorders, and she likes the stronger indicas for pain, such as hash plant, cheese, and Blueberry among others. She also likes sativas to counteract the tired feeling she can get from those meds. There are some trainwreck varieties that seem to help with her pain also. Try as many as you can until you find the right one(s)

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I have Deg Disk Disease too, one herniated; I like strong indicas too. I find better effect from using medibles in addition to smoking. Simpson oil helps too. There are other ways of making oils or concentrates, like BHO but I haven't tried that.


Oh, another thing that really helps is Cannabis Salve (or a tincture) - I was surprised how much it helps my tendonitis. Husband giving me a back rub with the salve helps a lot too.

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