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Help For Those Whose Income Is Effected By Disability , Disease , And Discrimination Ideas .

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While the disabled community has many true stars who prove disability and disease does not preclude one from living a normal life financially such as Steven Hawking , FDR , or even some surprising names who recovered through the help from alternative treatments outside modern medicine like Alan Alda . Many people are not so fortunate . Even healthy people are having trouble in this economy . We need ideas to stay self sufficient within our budgets .


I have learned to only buy what I need mostly on sales at the Grocer that repeat on a cycle , Found the lifeline program for phones , however the cost of heat ( energy ) has become a ever increasing portion of ones budget hurting the poor terriblely . I have been under the guidelines to qualify for a heating credit here in Michigan ( program rumored to be discontinued next year ) and filed when I could organize myself too . I was pleasantly surprised to find there is a " Residential Income Assistance Credit " now available . It isn't a fortune but it gives a person using MiCon or DTE energy a extra $6 credit per billing cycle for a maximum of $12 if you have both gas and electric services . Every little bit helps patients or anyone . The qualifier is that your total income is less then 110% of poverty which is a position many households of qualified patients find themselves in . If DTE is not your energy company I would still call and inquire at your Utilities contact number . The number for DTE is 1800 477 4747


The income guidelines start for 1 at 11,986 and end at 6 individuals with a income of 33.014 . If your a DTE customer they have a online page that offers some perks , and ways to access information . Today is the first day of the rest of your billing life give them a call but be prepared to have to send in copies of prior taxes . If your on record as having a filed Home Heating Credit form with the State showing your income you could find all you need is the phone call to obtain your credit starting on the next billing cycle . They are also giving $25 credits to anyone who had 8 or more power outages in the last year as recorded by the system but you must ask . I know I did I will be calling again .




Ironically I am using the money saved to power daylight bulbs for seasonal effect disorder which are on sale at Meijers this week 23 watt 6500k daylight bulbs 99 cents . They normally cost 4 times that . Stock can be low ask for rainchecks if necessary . This is a great bulb I was sad I had changed my house to 2700k ones not realizing 6500k is the way to go for my health .

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Right on and thank u 4 taking the time to write that and for all the information and ideas- I got a credit once for the home heating and have never been able to get it again- The last month consumer's energy estimated (instead of an actual read for the first time ever) and my bill was for some ridiculous amount like $25 when I had never had a bill even close to that so I would be just under what is required for assistance- I had plastic seal on every window and bought and burned dump trucks of wood and kept the house @ 62- I might add dealing w/the wood was messy and didn't help any of my health issues- U would think a disabled mother of two could get some sort of assistance of some type but have found nothing except a program I believe it's safety link (although I am not positive) that anyone who is disabled can get a cell phone and depending on what package u pick I get 250 minutes 2 use monthly (I picked plan the time doesn't carry over)- It's super easy and just have the phone turned on if u have time left or not @ the beginning of the month and your minutes refresh- The phone can text as well each deducts one minute and you can refer people and get more time- The first one they sent me I could hear hardly @ all living in the country so they changed what tower I was receiving signal from- It's very nice to have the phone because it's 250 free minutes the kids and I can use even long distance, so if u know a phone call isn't going to b quick I make it from that phone- If anyone would like any info. please just let me know and I can get it 4 u- it is super easy and automatically get it 4 a year- I have had my longer and it's just very convenient, easy, and nice 2 have available -

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Hubby and I are both disabled, but living very well considering. I make our own bar and laundry soap, which I can make a years worth of bar soap for about $12, laundry soap is about $8 for 3 months worth,. hang clothes out when possible and by the wood burner when it isnt. cut our own wood for heat, yes that gets harder all the time, but for now we can still get it done. I raise laying hens and a veggie garden,,,,,unravel old sweaters to knit into new hats or mittens or whatever. the key is repurpose all that you can get free into something you need. any left over cash goes into supplies to make quilts for our soldiers and disabled veterans.....I find the more I give the more I get

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