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Hello to everyone, im not new to this site but its been a while since I posted anything. I had some computer problems& had to reset everything, I used to be "elk lake" on here. Anyway, myself and a group of my friends and fellow patients have been working very hard to come up with a way for legal patients to aquire their meds, not only safely, but for a much more reasonable donation than what is currently the norm. I wont speak of donation details here out of respect for others and this site. I will say that we have gone to great lengths to work with local sherif departments, prosicuting attorneys, anyone and everyone that might take issue to what we are about to do. The response from all was the same, the deer in the headlights look. None of them would explain their interpitation of the law for patient to patient transfer, we have been to traverse city, gaylord, charlevoix, kalkaska, grayling, and many more. So here we go. We are still about a week away from taking off but I just wanted to let patients in northern michigan know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, please understand, we have nothing against caregivers or anyone else but there is a boatload of patients up here with no caregivers that really need some help. We dont have a home base but a telephone number. The number and more details to come. Oh, by the way, we arent stupid, we know the cops are prolly zoomin in on this computer as I type, were not trying to be a test case or trail blazers but if they do come down on us maybe we can at least answer the question, "how does a legal patient aquire legal meds" Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Any practical and reasonable interpretation of the Act would have to allow for all parts of " medical use " to have a legal mechanism to be allowed in practice under State Law that patients and law enforcement understand . The first months of confusion was understandable but it has been a long time for none of these issues to be resolved with parties working together in tolerance of each other . Patients should not have to fear contact . Yet were hearing arrests are resulting in over 60% of law enforcement / patient grow contacts . There seems to be a problem because they always end up in Felony prosecutions too . Patients need more protections . The Law wasn't designed to encourage arrest and loss of t medical routines . Many arrested are saying jails denied use of crutches , canes , etc and necessary drugs and over the counter medical supplies when their are conflicts . These issues need addressing and show more patient protections are necessary to eliminate the possibility of deaths and unnecessary and unreasonable suffering for people with severe chronic pain or other symptoms that require continuing treatment plans not currently allowed in jails or other State run institutions and hospitals . State hospitals not recognizing the Act as legal and supporting adjunctive care never denied to other legal medications is a huge problem . You would think that would be the first item legislators would address so more progress toward acceptance can occur not more restrictions .

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hi,wingnut, good to be back, this will really be a good thing for all, i am very excited. One more little speed bump & were a go. And thank you for the other post, but after reading this do you feel any more comfortable about patient to patient transfer than you did before you read it? It didnt really mean much to me.

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