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Marijuana Proposal Could Come To Grand Rapids Ballot In November

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We better get that statewide legalization initiative on the ballot now the latest polls have Romney ahead of Obama .Romney has a huge campaign chest and personal wealth to spend also . To bad it didn't say anything about rescheduling or did it I forget ? The GR bill is ok but would still leave people on the hook for county and state enforcement as some cannabis activists in Ann Arbor have found themselves .



Now where is that spell checker ?

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I only heard about this yesterday. Yes I live under a rock. I have read some about the various scheduling laws and proposals to decriminalize. This seems like the right direction. But its not Federal. Isn't that where the real problem is? I could use some feedback regarding our federal representation (Levin, Stab) and the others. The last decade has made me weary of politics but I vote and that matters. I tend to stay away from petitions as it only puts my name on another hit list (for money) or worse. Where does Da'bama (l voted for him I can call him anything I want) stand? State and local measures are good but until federal law is the target we all wear a bullseye. I voted for mmmj long before it ever occurred to me to be a card carrying member. I wanted to help.. Where do they stand? I will follow this local issue and vote when I get the chance.

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Hi Tomato, these type things are not well publicized, unless you seek them out, find them in forums like this, or have people who keep you aware of them. Most people don't know much at all about what is going on with Michigan and MM.


This was more of a news item I posted then anything else. I am actually not a person that likes politics at all and I do not like politicians. Because of my involvement with MM is the only reason why I try to stay up on what is going on.


If MM changed from a schedule 1 to 3 or even better if at all possible schedule 5 we would have a lot less to worry about and then it can become federally legal. IMO

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