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Seed Purchasing Tips







Safely and securely purchasing high-quality marijuana seeds is one of the first steps to beginning your lifelong hobby of growing your own medicinal cannabis from home. America and the rest of the world is changing. People are demanding their rights to medicate themselves naturally and effectively, without the ridiculous chemical mixtures offered from multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies. Medical marijuana needs to be of optimal quality. The quality of any cannabis plant begins in its genetic code. The genetic code is contained within the seed. And the seed is for sale.


Tips four purchasing medicinal cannabis seeds:


Remember that cultivating marijuana is still an illegal act in the majority of the US. Until that changes, make sure to keep your secrets secret. Don't tell anybody you ordered some marijuana seeds. Don't tell anybody you're going to grow a cannabis garden. Just keep it to yourself, unless you like the possibility of imprisonment.


If you order your marijuana seeds online, make sure to use a business address to have the package delivered to. This raises far less suspicion.


Use a prepaid credit card, money order or cash if you're worried about the safety of online credit card transactions.


Use a real name for the package's delivery. Your local postman knows who lives where, and may return a package with a strange name to the post office.


Never opt to have your package delivered only with a signature signed. No signatures please.


Don't freak out if your package takes a little longer than you expect to arrive. Do not lurk around your mailbox. Do not check the mailbox several times a day. Do not repetitively call the post office asking about the parcel.


Consider the future advantages of buying expensive feminized marijuana seeds now. Your marijuana garden is an investment. Don't skimp on it.


Do your research about the company you're considering ordering from. How long have they been in business? Do they have a toll free number to call? Do they answer the phone? Are they professional Do they build your confidence? Are there customer testimonials on their website?


Use your brain and don't get ripped off! Go for reputation and length in business when considering a source four purchasing cannabis seeds. Quality means everything in this business. So does intelligent purchasing decisions about buying marijuana seeds, online or off.




Member Comments


CannaConnoisseur | Jan 11, 2011 Honestly, I would not recommend buying seeds online, ever. The bad things that can happen all outweigh the good. I usually get prime seeds from friends who also grow, or just wait for that rare one I find in some high-quality medical bud. Some dispensaries also sell seeds for around $5 per seed, but not most. Also, when choosing seeds, you can never go wrong with seeds that have "tiger stripes" or are speckled. You do not want seeds that are green, as these have a tendency to turn out male in my experience. 818king | Mar 7, 2011 i would go online if yr not in cali, cali connection, dj short, dutch passion are some bomb seeds if u can pick them up do they sell online just google it


or get them here and support a master grower




look him up on youtube komahasbuds


CannabisGril | Mar 14, 2011 I agree I would not purchase seeds online regularly. Even though I have, but when you look online at times you can find seeds for strains that you can not find at local clubs. So really it is a gamble. I just recommend you don't spend a ton at a time.


highinmilehigh | Mar 15, 2011 i have been buying my seeds for years online at Amsterdammarijuanaseedbank.com and never once have i had a problem..They have good deals on some really nice seeds.....


Guest | Mar 20, 2011 I have to agree that it's not a good idea ordering seeds online. I have ordered from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds....twice. NEVER recieved my seeds. So buyer beware. I fortunalty live in California and have my medical card and get my seeds from my regular dispensary. They have seeds from DJ Shorts and have quality clones if you don't want seeds.


smokestack | Mar 25, 2011 Not everybody has access to dispensaries and these online retailer are there last option. Use good judgement and don't be paranoid. My favorite strain ive got online was DJ Short's Blueberry.


Flower22 | Mar 27, 2011 I think buying online is fine just be careful and only buy from legit places, check the store out before making your purchase


lindzzz | Apr 6, 2011 It is never a good idea to go bragging to friends about growing. I appreciate that this is the first suggestion in this article. I would be reluctant to buy seeds online, but sometimes there are no other options. It is important to know where they are coming from, and if there is any sort of guarantee. A lot of places don't take responsibility for seeds that crack during shipment. Just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, and if they are from overseas then figure out the exchange rate BEFORE you buy it.


Guest | May 10, 2011 where can i buy some good seeds at that will actually be sent to me?


Guest | Jun 17, 2011 only arypeope


Guest | Jun 28, 2011 What's a site that has quality seeds that can actually be Sent to me that isnt a moo poo scam??


rhinourkel | Aug 27, 2011 Amsterdammarijuanaseedbank.com has been talked about on two posts on here. One says GOOD....other says ;"No GOOD" I guess just try and see what my luck is? rhinourkel | Aug 27, 2011 I want ; And i'll pay extra high for 'Ole Time Blue Moonshine....!...? ! ? ! ?


Clone or Seed Guest | Oct 19, 2011 I just wanna know how to grow hell even if its just good ol midgraid...has anyone heard of usb bud, also whats a safe site to go on and learn sum legit ways to grow good green and all the tools i need Guest | Nov 1, 2011


Stinkbud.com Guest | Jan 8, 2012 The Amsterdammarijuanaseedbank.com is a rip off company. They send you any old hemp seed and take your money. They sometimes don't send anything until you pay the postage again. You still get your money stolen but pay for the pleasure twice. I believe that they occasionally send out good seeds, but not often. Their main tactic is to rely on false testimonials deliberately placed and the fact that you won't go to the authorities; ie Dutch trading standards, who needless to say don't speak English particularly when it suits them. There have and are complaints ongoing about this dishonest company but not enough.


Guest | Feb 7, 2012 i hav order seeds online and they have came dude each time of cannabis cup tree really Dank i have ICE rite now its safe best trusted websites johndoe buy dutch seeds mad legit places... dnt be sketch find a secure trusted site ... smoke doobies


Guest | Feb 24, 2012 Google Attitude seeds. Hands down the best place to order seeds from, never had a problem, tons of freebies and nothing but positive reviews on the forums about them.Wouldn't order from ANYONE else.


Guest | Mar 3, 2012 ive had good luck with herbies definatly not bc bud 6 months reorderd 3 times still no show tazzman70 | Mar 7, 2012 http://www.sensibleseeds.com Never had a problem with this web site always have received what I order in a timely manner!


Guest | Mar 14, 2012 Never order from Dr. Chronic. Never ever ever. Ripped me off for well over a $100. Wrote repeatedly. No word in six months. Only accepts cash. Should have been the tipoff.

My advice order small, if that works out order bigger. That said, I have ordered from everyone does it and got my seeds in two weeks. cannabisseeds.com with the same result. Cheap prices from cannabisseeds.com too.


Guest | Mar 23, 2012 I'd have to throw Original Sensible into this, they're a load cheaper than anyone else and I've had 3 orders through them, all on time and all good. Freebies are a nice bonus too.


Someone | Jun 2, 2012 i have been buying my seeds for years online at http://dutchseedsshop.com and never once have i had a problem..They have the cheapest seeds i've ever seen on internet.....

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Patients are always asking this and similar types of questions, so we try to find "information" for them; however if you feel this is bad to put out or does more harm than good, let us know. We learn a little each and every day and want honest feedback from people that have experience in these matters. Thank you for your honesty and candor.

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