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Has anyone else received a letter from their state Senator regarding the disposition of HB 4834, 4851,4853 and HB 4856?

I would be very interested in the following information:

Who sent you the letter? ( What Senator )

What county do you live in?

Have you joined a collective or dispensary in Ann Arbor? If so which one?

I recommend a review of those bills. There has been an update of them since our last review.

Some of the changes I like. i.e. out side grows.

Some of them I understand, but have some concerns about.


Here is the link to enter the bill # and review them.


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I haven't received one yet . Can you post it ?

Well my typing is not to great but I will try. My example will be censored to a degree I feel necessary to protect my loved ones.


July 6, 2012

From:Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood


Dear Mr Fat Freddy:


Thank you for your recent letter expressing your support for the Medical Marijuana program approved by the voters in 2008. I appreciate both your concern about this matter and the time you have taken to write to me about it.

I certainly respect the will of the voters, and I can assure you that I would not support any law or regulation that would thwart the will of the voters and kill the program. However, the fact is that aince voters approved Proposal 1 in 2008, which allowed for the use of marijuana for medical purposes, local communities are still trying to figure out how exactly to interpret and enforce this law. There has been attempts to do just that, such as Senate Bills 504-506 that were passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee last summer, but there has been no action since. The House approved a four-bill package that is meant to clarify the medical marijuana law on May 3 of this year, House bills 4834, 4851, 4853 and HB 4856. The bills would require a photo ID for patients, an actual doctor-patient relationship, amendments to sentencing guidelines for some marijuana-related crimes and clarifications to rules regarding the transportation of medical marijuana in a vehicle. The bills were refurred to the state Judiciary Committee where they are awaiting action.


Clearly, we need to enact common sense rules that serve as a guide to local communities that does not infringe on the will of the voters; to do that we need all parties at the table. You can rest assured that I will keep your views in mind when either the Senate or or House package reaches the senate floor.


Again, thank you for your continued interest in this important issue. Please feel free etc etc etc.



Now at first this letter concerned me because it has my name and address is on it. ( how did he get that information? )

I have only reveled my full name and address in a handful places. Seeing that Senate and House can get a mailing list from Lara in accordance with the law I have become at ease with this. So far Lleo have not bashed down my door; lol.


And after sleeping on my reviews of the bills mentioned I have but a few concerns if they add a sunset clause to SB 505 n.p . there. Concerning SB 506, I see some issues. Being on a fixed income I often call a doctor's office to find one that 1) takes walk ins. 2) has a low office visit fee. To be honest I do not like to go to the doctor, if I can relieve my medical issue at home I often do. The up side of the bona fide bills is they will be good for Michigan doctors if they choose to become educated in the use's of medical marijuana. Concerning SB 504 is just good common sense. imho we are not street drug dealers.



I have one problem with the photo id bill. Who supplies the photo? with the possibility of a 2 year card it would make sense that lara could access the dmv for the sole purpose of acquiring the photo. Secretary of State. has our photo, Lara has our name address etc. Just a matter of some computer programming.


Now please refrain from flaming, blazing, or other wise attacking this post. Think about it and make positive statements. We have to face facts our state leaders are going to pass bills into law, what we need is level heads suggesting viable solutions.


Thank you for your input.

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