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Worth Repeating: Marijuana Laws Stuck On Stupid For 75 Years

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In 1964 THC, the molecule, was first discovered. What do the last 48 years of science have to say about medical marijuana stripped of DEA bias and its groupthink ideologically driven research?


The time is NOW to listen, and let the science supporting medical marijuana speak for itself!


In a loud, clear voice the science concludes overwhelmingly: YES! Marijuana is medicine! And Schedule I is an outdated scientifically false claim!


After 10 years of stonewalling by the DEA, medical marijuana patients will finally get their day in federal court to prove that the Drug Enforcement Administration's marijuana claims are false!More >>



EDIT: I would ask my parents why I couldn't do this or that when I was a kid . "Because I said so" was a standard response I mostly had to accept , as a child , from my parents . It would seem the Federal Govt. feels the same way . I'm pretty sure my parents were not flat out telling me LIES !!!

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Talk about stuck on stupid ? Marijuana Laws ? Only law specific to Cannabis is Medical Marijuana Laws, right ??


Would that be like the CSA . Drug Laws ? Drug Wars ? Drug Warriors?


Stupid is as stupid does. The stupidity seems to self perpetuate.... though most of us know its part of the stupid conspiracy.


Dont be stupid, too ...

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