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I Just Saw That Ed Rosental In His 2010 Book, M Grower's Handbook,

pic book

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purveys some info I really doubt the dude checked out personally.  (In the book he says, 'She is the fastest finisher I have').  I mean is Ed slipping, or dancing and jiving to get sales?

He printed that 2 strains of SGG, Berkeley and Berkeley Blues (nicknamed speed-weed), finishes in 28 and 32 days flowering, respectively, and that outdoors, BBlues grows to 14 feet for 6-8 pounds.  (The outdoor claim may be possible--Blue Dream outdoors behaves similarly).

Everybody else on the web, except the ex-stripper herself known as Stony Girl, says Stony Girl Gardens and their claims about their strains speed and yields is full of wishful and deceptive crap.

And it is not like you can just order SGG seeds and check for yourself.  To get seeds you (1) have to be an Oregon Patient and (2) have attended an expensive Stony Girl grow class and (3) sign a contact limiting distribution under penalty.

So, Ed, you now have Oregon ID?

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Most of the claims made by seed companies are exaggerated imo.


I've noticed that several companies use the same pictures for different strains.


A picture of White Widow from one company is exactly the same as a picture of Haze from another. Like they just share stock photos.

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