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Slapped Again

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Due to the death of my daughter 2 years ago today, I had my son get a complete physical and get checked for any

heart problems. All the tests and physical came back good. He went in a couple weeks ago because of chest pains.

So the heart dr. ordered up more tests. Dr. said that everything looks pretty good. But one of the tests is suspicious

(as he said it) for possible signs of Brugada syndrome. He has to go in next friday for tests. They are going to inject

him with a medicine that will agrivate the brugada if he has it. He says if there is problems they may have to shock him

if his heart stops. Im scared to deathof this. And to top it off the Dr. tells us that with genetic testing they would have

been able to test tissue samples frommy daughters autopsy and determine the exact cause of her death. But when he

called the medical examiner in flint MI to request the samples they told him they did all the tests that they were gonna

do and couldnt find the cause so they threw out her tissue samples. They threw any chance of closure for us into the freakin

trash. The dr. said it is usually procedure to keep the tissue samples for 2 years before they dispose of them. So 2 years

later we get slapped in the face again with the fact that we will never know why she passed. I am so angry at the medical

examiner I just want to scream and smash things. I just dont understand this shyt anymore. How could they just throw my

daughter in the trash like that? Not a happy day for me!!!






Brugada syndrome is a condition that causes a disruption of the heart's normal rhythm. Specifically, this disorder can lead to uncoordinated electrical activity in the heart's lower chambers (ventricles), an abnormality called ventricular arrhythmia. If untreated, the irregular heartbeats can cause fainting (syncope), seizures, difficulty breathing, or sudden death. These complications typically occur when an affected person is resting or asleep.


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Sorry to hear about this.  I can not believe it has been two years.


Why not just test your son genetically?  Does he really need this test if a simple genetics test could determine if he has the disease?  Maybe it is required, but it is worth asking.


If he is found to have the disease there is still hope.

You may already know all this, but it is something I just learned a year ago.


Food as medicine is more powerful than genetics.  Genetics are turned on and off. Also genetic diseases can just be a susceptibility to nutrition deficiencies.  


Frustrated with the medical industry I turned to food as medicine and it has had a wonderful effect in mine and my family's life.   My chest pains are gone, arthritis has mostly gone away, circulation has greatly improved(no more purple legs), my blood pressure is now normal(was high for 20 years), pre-diabetes gone, high cholesterol gone, mind fog gone, my doctor is amazed, my children behave better and have better concentration,  and the list goes on and on.


What the government teaches is a healthy diet is based mostly on promoting industries, so you have to do your homework to find a true healing diet. Reading a book by Dr. Fuhrman, "Eat to live", was what got me started. He is not a great writer, but the information is great.  Reading hundreds of testimonies of people reversing many diseases that doctors say are incurable is what kept me motivated.  Many additives in food are there to make it addicting, so changing diet is not an easy task.  Green smoothies and green juices do great things.

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