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Lumatek Ballast Question

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Hi i have a



and was wondering if i run a 400w mh for 18/6 for a month how much would it cost me to run it? and also how many amps would it pull? or would it just run constantly off 9.5 amps just wondering because im on a budget plan


Volts x Amps = Watts


Electricity is billed in Kilowatt hours.  1 KwHr is the same as running 1,000 watts for 1 hour.


So your 400w light is running at about 112volts and is drawing about 3.6 amps.


18 hours per day at .4 kilowatts = 7.2KwHrs per day, or 216 in a 30-day month.


Consumers energy charges about 10 cents per kwHr in  the cool/cold season (Oct 1 - May 1 I believe) and about 15 cents in the summer.


So your 400 watt light running 18 hours per day will cost you about $21.60 per month in the cheap season and about $32.40 per month the rest of the year.

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