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Lein: Medical Marijuana Information And Queries(Pdf)

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I found some text from a search engine cache.


This section will be revised and the manual will be reposted as a PDF to the MI-. LFSS Special Interest Group on the FBI LEO website. Users without access to LEO can submit a request for access using the application form found at http://www.leo.gov. Medical Marijuana License Check

The Michigan Department of Community Health has provided access to their Medical Marijuana. License file for the purposes

of verifying if a license is valid and verifying the name on the card matches the name associated with the license number. Inquiry can be performed on either the patient (who has a license number which starts with a P) or the caregiver (who has a license number which starts with a C) by Medical Marijuana license number only. Due to wording in the legislation, inquiry on the name is highly restricted and can only be performed for a criminal justice purpose where the identity of the cardholder is in question. As such, interface agencies implementing this query are instructed NOT to make this transaction automated. To query the status of the license, use the following LEIN format: QMLS. MI3300210.20:P999999-999999.55:TEST.56:TEST/LEIN. LEIN will then return for a valid card: 00001. A LGWMMJ 1 19 10/30/09 0832 LEIN. MI3300210 P999999-999999. Valid. END OF A LGWMMJ 5 21 10/30/09 0856 LEIN. MI3300210. P999999-999999 . Not Verified .

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Zap I think it is saying you can only search with a number. And the info you can have access to is limited to valid/invalid card and name of cardholder. Then goes on to say that due to legislature getting the name is highly restrictive.


If I am wrong, and we all better hope I am not, then yes a name search where they simply plug in a name would be very bad.........

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