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Ingham Judge Sets Contempt Hearing For Snyder, Dillon, Orr


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LANSING — An Ingham County judge has ordered Gov. Rick Snyder, Treasurer Andy Dillon and Detroit Emergency Manager Kevin Orr to show why they should not be found in contempt of court for failing to turn over e-mails and other records related to Orr’s hiring in March.


Circuit Judge Bill Collette signed an order Tuesday setting a June 5 contempt hearing in the lawsuit brought by Highland Park union activist Robert Davis, who alleges violations of the state Open Meetings Act in the hiring of Orr, a Washington, D.C. attorney.


Collette issued the order in the lawsuit just one day after the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned another order Collette issued in the same lawsuit.


On May 1, Collette had ordered Orr and Emergency Loan Board members Robert Nixon and Steve Arwood to give sworn testimony in the case through depositions.


But on Monday, the Court of Appeals said top state officials don’t have to sit for depositions unless it’s first shown they will provide relevant information that can’t be obtained in some other way.


The Court of Appeals did not address Collette’s order that defendants in the case turn over e-mails and other records, which Davis said he believes will show they consulted in violation of the Open Meetings Act to select Orr, who was recommended by Snyder.


Collette said in Tuesday’s order that Snyder, Dillon and Orr, who is not a defendant in the case, must show why he should not find them in contempt for failing to turn over the records.


E-mails seeking comment from Snyder, Dillon, Orr, and the attorney general’s office, which is representing the defendants, were not immediately returned.


Davis is awaiting trial in federal court on charges he stole from Highland Park Schools as a board member.




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So on the same weekend when Puppett Orr or King Orr, got into showing a report that suggests he may have the chutzpa to wrassle and tie the creditors and the unions, a suit from a tarnished and unlikely source finds success.  If it finds much more success D will fall into BK for 15 years, and muddling along will occur in the midst of a soaring revival of private, corporate D.

At 15 billion in debt, our city has less ability to fund ourselves than Bangladesh, with the same currupt incompetence.  Likely in his rush to appoint an EFM and to not himself be left holding the bag when D hits BK, Snyder rushed the appointment process with emails and phone calls verboten to the Open Meetings requirement. Fine him three weekends cleaning up trash in D.

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orr is going to put the city into bankruptcy and sell it off.

thats why they hired his bankruptcy firm?


they should release the emails. it wont matter anyways.

snyder could shoot someone live on the news and his buddy bill shuette wouldnt do a thing.

his repub buddies (and idiot dems) on the CoA and supreme court also wouldnt 'find anything wrong'.


people of detroit havent elected anyone to fix detroits problems in the many years its been in trouble.

also wayne county is horribly run by idiots like bob ficano. look at the turkia mullen fiasco!

republican or democrat, we're all messed no matter whos in charge.


so an EFM may have been a good idea, since detroiters couldnt elect someone to save it.

except for the fact that the PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN voted it down.

remember it was on the ballot?

then the legislature did a run-around on the people of michigan and forced an EFM.


so we're living in a dictatorship right now. hows it feel?

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