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Canadian Kids Smoke The Most Pot (Unicef Survey)


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Canadian Kids Smoke The Most Marijuana In The Western World, According To UNICEF Survey



UNICEF's "Report Card 11" found that Canada ranked first out of 29 countries for the percentage of youths who smoke pot. According to the findings, 28 percent of 11, 13, and 15-year-old Canadians surveyed said they had smoked marijuana at some point in the last year.


Notably, the study found that countries with more liberal drug laws had lower rates of youths who smoked marijuana than nations with stricter penalties. In the Netherlands, where the weed laws vary from city to city, the study found that 17.05 percent of kids smoked last year, and only 10.5 percent smoked in Portugal, where marijuana has been decriminalized




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lot of these surveys are full of bunny muffin.

you get 30 kids in the room and it turns into the 'whos cool?' test.

'did you say you smoked pot on the test?' 'yeah, i smoke errday'

'i also wrote down i drink a redbull and vodka every morning for breakfast'


thats how i remember it was filling out those DARE sheets.

'have you ever smoked crack-cocaine' 'yeah i smoke crack-cocaine!' later ... 'what the hell is crack-cocaine anyways?'


the reason pot smoking is seen as being 'cool' is because its illegal.

which is what the study should have concluded.

they just made a correllation (stricter laws cause it) instead of a cause-effect (illegal = cool) to get to the same result.

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