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Legalization Of Marijuana South Of The Border?


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  Americas Coalition Suggests MJ Laws Be Relaxed

Mexico City -- A comprehensive report on drug policy in the Americas released Friday by a consortium of nations suggests that the legalization of marijuana, but not other illicit drugs, be considered among a range of ideas to reassess how the drug war is carried out.


The report, released by the Organization of American States walked a careful line in not recommending any single approach to the drug

problem and encouraging “flexibility.”


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It certainly sounds promising, something more than keeping our fingers crossed seems to be in order. The Big Problem with the OAS is the over sized 5t RW&B gorilla in the room.  The meeting scheduled for 1st wk of June will be in Guatemala. This coould prove testy for the home team.  Seeing as how they just outed one of 'our' puppets [Rios Montt] for mass genocide and crimes against humanity. oooOps...


ps Especially if he tries to ignore it like he did couple years ago when he visited Chile[2011]. ie another coup dating to 1973 Salvador Allende coup. 


     or that last fiasco in Columbia, with the dancing girls etc. Real story then was C.Fernandez strutin her stuff out the door in da middle of his speech. And of course his old tired shtick about the drugs. They're tryin to tell him there's a new show in town, its called live  and let live. Check it out!

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Legalization in the US of A is going to cause serious ramifications all over the world. A sizable amount of money goes south of the border. It supports a lot of people. What will they do when marijuana is no longer a source of income? We are talking BILLIONS of dollars here.


Gang activity in the US is supported by marijuana sales also. What happens to these people when marijuana money dries up?

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