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A Michigan Clone-Only Strain; Black Ganji

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Web doesn't know it exists.  i got some of the meds.  i've never grown it.  It's an upper sativa feeling in the head with the taste of sweet cedar wood smoke.  A 3 hour bump that's unsettling enuf to  shift your memory. 

surprisingly, it leads to quiet and great concentation.  After, I felt muscle fatigue....

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Never heard of it. Found some stuff about "Black African" and Michigan on the web though? Is it really dark purple like most black strains?

Wish i knew how to post a photo.  i'd have to take one first tho and know how to get it to here. 

Anyway, nothing in the bag is black; the buds range from green to dark greeen to gray, and the few that have gray shades I'd guess, led to the hopeful name,'black.'  As in, if we jar it six months maybe it'll turn black.  But the pistils are a uniform faded red.

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