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So The Guy From Charleston, Virginia Proudly Proclaimed He Knew

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everything about Michigan's mmma law. He didn't have anyhing wrong with him, no diagnosis within the guidelines. "There's nothing wrong with me," he said, "but I took a trip to (town in MI) where the dr is 90% at approving people who have nothing wrong, and I got my cert. So I need someone to look after the 4 bedroom 2,500 sf house I rented in (Detroit suburb) to have a MI DL, until I get there and when I fly back here every week. Soon as it (his card) comes I'll fly up and back and forth to my grow rooms and the ones here."

Why does he want 'his part' of MI's harvest? More cash here. Weed sells for 1 1/2 times in MI what it does in W. Virginia, where there is no medical law.

He made refererence to the 'chance' which has disappeared in WA and CO, so "I'm rushing to get my part of the harvest."

At that point I had an interruption, so promised to call back Sunday. But I won't. He doesn't deserve help to come and farm our law. It's for sick people with qualifying diagnoses. He has no diagnosis, yet by sniffing here for two days, got the name of 3 clincics to try, all of whom his sources told him do 'non-qual' certs.

Neither the docs nor this guy deserves anyone's help when they tramople the purpose of our law with their own. WE must self-police or like in Montana, we may have it done for us and we won't like it.

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I had a guy in Indiana who found me here in the forums we talked for a bit first it was what it would take to establish residency and then proceeded to ask me would it be possible if he could see me 3 times a week for his 2.5 ounces I replied well the law currently doesn't restrict me giving you 2.5 ounces 3 times a week  but I made it clear to him that its definitely not something I felt comfortable being part of .

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