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Medical Marijuana Ruling With ( Video)


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While driving through Arizona, Valerie Okun was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint just outside of Yuma and was asked to pull over for secondary inspection.

Officers discovered marijuana in her car, and the state filed drug possession charges against her, despite the fact that she possesses a California medical marijuana card.

In January, the Arizona court of appeals ruled that her marijuana be returned to her by the Yuma County Sheriffs Office and the charges be dropped.

Under Arizona law, those with medical marijuana cards issued by the State of California are legally allowed to travel through Arizona with the drug.

While the state is ruling that Sheriff Wilmot give back the drug, doing so would break federal law which has ruled marijuana possession to be illegal.

Sheriff Wilmot says the case has nothing to do with the marijuana, but the fact that giving back the drug would break federal law.

"Being a law enforcement officer, that’s not our job to go out and commit crimes. A lot of other agencies across the state are waiting to hear about this case."

Marijuana use in Yuma County is particularly intriguing.

According to the state department of health services, just under nine of every 10 Arizonans live in areas with a medical marijuana dispensary.

That includes cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott, and Sedona.

Notice Yuma is not on that list.

Will the city be next in line for expanded medical marijuana use?

In a county known for its agriculture, it will be interesting to see how the debate on marijuana takes shape over the coming years.



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