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Methadone Clinics, And Medical Mj

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I have a friend (seriously not me) who goes to a methadone clinic, and has a travelling hardship.  He drives two hours to Grand Rapids 3 days a week to take Methadone at one of the only 2 clinics in GR.  Right now they won't give him the day's off they would have given anyone else in his same situation (travel hardship), and they're giving him the run-around, about getting his take out days. His counsellor is telling him they won't give them the days because the doctor that gave him his rec is a foreigner, and not a primary care physician.  The doctor lives in Michigan, and he had a in-person physical and check-up, when he got his rec, he just happens to be Indian.  The state approved the rec, and he's got his hardcard now, but the clinic won't talk to him about his take-out days.  He's had a card for the past year, and they wouldn't approve his last doctor, either.  They made the comment that a real doctor wouldn't answer his own phone, (they called him to confirm that he told the doctor about his methadone prescription,) but then they just made up a reason to not approve him.  He's spending a ton of money in gas, and he'll spend a lot more (plus his 2 hour drive is nothing to laugh at either).  If anyone knows of any lawyers interested in a discrimination lawsuit, than this is a perfect case.


Below is a link to Michigans policy on methadone treatment.  Medical MJ is mentioned as well as the fact that they're not allowed to discriminated.  I'd really like to help him out, so again, if anyone knows a lawyer.  Please contact me here and I can pass on the info.




EFFECTIVE: October 1, 2012
Page 5 of 11
prescribed medication, including controlled substances
, must not be consider
ed as illicit substances
when the OTP has documentation that it was pres
cribed for the individual. Copies of the
prescription label, pharmacy receipt, pharmacy pr
int out, or a Michigan Automated Prescription
System (MAPS) report must be included in the indi
vidual’s chart or kept in
a “prescribed medication
log” that must be easily accessible for review.
Michigan law allows for individuals with the
appropriate physician approval and documentation to
use medical marijuana. Although there are no pr
escribers of medical marijuana in Michigan,
individuals are authorized by a physician to us
e marijuana per Michigan law. For enrolled
individuals, there must be a copy of the MDCH regi
stration card for medical marijuana issued in the
individual’s name in the chart or the “prescribed
medication log.” Following these steps will help to
ensure that an individual who is using medical marijuana per Michigan law will not be discriminated
against in regards to program admission and exceptions for dosing.
If an individual is unwilling to provide prescription or medical marijuana information, the OTP must
include a statement to this effect, signed by the indi
vidual, in the chart. These individuals will not
be eligible for off-site dosing, including Sunday and holiday doses. OTPs must advise individuals to
include methadone when providing a list of medica
tions to their healthcare providers. The OTP
physician may elect not to admit the individual for
methadone treatment if the coordination of care
with health care providers and/or prescribing physicians is not agreed to by the client.
Off-site dosing, including Sundays and holidays, is
not allowed without coordination of care (or
documentation of efforts made by
the OTP for coordination) by the OTP physician, the prescriber of
the identified controlled substance (opioids, benz
odiazepines, muscle relaxants), and the physician
who approved the use of
medical marijuana. This coordination must be documented in either the
nurse’s or the doctor’s notes.
The documentation must be individualized, identifying the individual,
the diagnosis, and the length of time the individual
is expected to be on the medication. A MAPS
report must be completed at admission. A MAPS re
port should be completed before off-site doses,
including Sundays and holidays, are
allowed and must be completed when coordination of care with
other physicians could not be accomplished.
If respiratory depressants are prescribed for a
ny medical condition, includi
ng a dental or podiatry
condition, the prescribing practitioners should be enc
ouraged to prescribe a medication which is the
least likely to cause danger to the individual when
used with methadone. Individuals who have
coordinated care with prescribing practitioners, a
nd are receiving medical care or mental health
services, will be allowed dosing off site, if all other
criteria are met. If the OTP is closed for dosing
on Sundays or holidays, arrangements shall be made
to dose the individual at another OTP if the
individual is not deemed responsible for off-site dosing.


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They made the comment that a real doctor wouldn't answer his own phone, (they called him to confirm that he told the doctor about his methadone prescription,) but then they just made up a reason to not approve him.

so they called the dr. the dr himself answered, and the said that nasty comment? yikes.


did your buddy try the other clinic in gr (you mentioned 2 clinics) ? maybe nicer people. good luck to him/her.


is his dr in the detroit metro area? sounds like a great doctor to have, answers his own phone?!?? i'd kill for a dr like that! seriously, i would like to know if hes accepting patients, i dont need methadone, just looking for a better primary care dr.

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