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Dr Greenthumbs Iranian C99

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  • 5 weeks later...

You are not kidding she is looking swell. I see that Dr. Greenthumb is all about the iranian these days, I'm knew there was a reason.


Nice job king! I'm so stoked to try some of Dr. Greenthumb seeds, I've had some really nice stuff with Cali-connect, but I've also thrown away 10-20% of my fem plants before they ever even make it to veg. Ultimately with a limited plant count it's cheaper for me to aquire the best seeds available.  


Let us know what she looks like when she's all finished, I will be anxiously awaiting!

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Dr Greenthumb has outdone himself on this strain I thought he could do no better than the Bubba Kush katsu but the Iranian C99 has surpassed that as one of my alltime favorites from his seed catalog.


The flavor that dry hit  before you light it the sour intoxicating smell popping open the mason jar and sticking your nose in the jar during cure just pure joy and perfection! :dodgyrun:

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Dr Greenthumbs Iranian C99 is cured and ready to sample for the smoke report


Appearance I give her a solid 9 out of 10 she has a very nice bag appeal










The Iranian C99 has a distinct sour citrus fruit aroma lemon smell to her and the dry hit off of a joint is just incredible it really perks up my taste buds I give her a solid 10


Taste The Iranian C99 has a very nice sour lemon taste that is very expanding to the lungs and upon exhale really makes your lips smack like when enjoying a piece of hard candy very fruitful a 10 all the way for me .




After 2 - 4 hits I started to feel it in my head then it moved to my body keeping me well medicated for well over 1 hour I rank The Iranian C99 as possibly Docs strongest strain to date that I have ran solid 9 1/2 for effect.


Overall a incredible strain with a ranking of 9 1/2 very elite and a must have for both connoisseurs and medical users alike great strain .

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