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For Those Who Still Believe In "the Conservative Philosophy"

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Our country is in the beginning stages of major changes.


We can no longer sustain the creation of false economic bubbles like the last real estate fiasco that decimated the average person's wealth by as much as half of its original value.


And the disparities between those that 'have' and those that 'have not' will only continue to grow.


We have popped the last big bubble and the rose colored glasses we've been looking through are beginning to fade.

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I hope to see big change. im hoping Americans will smartin up a bit and stop electing corp whores, so that means no more dems and no more gop... i know it will never happen. thankfully we have another option.  its funny that in the midst of these dismal 8 years your still campaigning for a failed party and not even looking at all the fd up bunny muffin they are doing. this bunny muffin is just revolting.

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