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Increasing Marijuana Arrests


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Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for a little more than a year.


However, it's illegal here in Nebraska, and once you cross that border you're no longer protected.


The Nebraska State Patrol has seen quite an increase in arrests of people carrying marijuana.

"We've seen quite an upswing of people carrying marijuana," says Captain Jim Parish, Nebraska State Patrol.


Lincoln County is the first point coming down the Interstate from Colorado.

"We've actually led the state in total number of drug arrests out here for the last several years down Interstate 80," says Parish.



Captain Parish says a lot of times; people will have prescriptions for medical marijuana and have a card, which many think is okay.


"Of course it's illegal here in Nebraska, they produce a card and say well I carry this legally. You can in Colorado, but not in Nebraska," says Parish.

He also says they can't catch everyone, but it's just a matter of time before they do.


"A recent incident; a couple of guys hit a deer, the car was disabled.


A trooper went out to investigate and discovered a large quantity of marijuana they had taken out and put in the weeds. That's not the first time we had that happen. We've had other crashes resulted in drug arrests like that,"says Parish.


And if you are going to consume marijuana in Colorado where it's legal, then..

"They ought to stay in Colorado where it's legal," says Parish.

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