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Florida Poll About Medical Marijuana

Wild Bill

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POLL: Pollsters asked about medical marijuana

By Summer Smith, Reporter

Last Updated: Thursday, December 26, 2013, 6:01 AM


MANATEE COUNTY -- The push to legalize medical marijuana is becoming what could be the hottest topic in 2014 for the state of Florida.


Lawmakers didn’t approve it this past season, but the fight to make it happen continues.

Bob and Cathy Jordan, of Parrish, are two of the biggest proponents.


Cathy is President of the Florida Cannabis Action Network and has been lobbying for the legalization of medical marijuana for years. She says marijuana has extended her life.


“If I had not come down here and smoked Myakka Gold, I’d be dead, I would,” said Cathy.

Cathy has Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a disorder that attacks her nerves and muscles.


Diagnosed in 1986, she was only given three to five years to live. She’s now dedicated her life to trying to get medical marijuana legalized in Florida.


The couple made headlines earlier this year. In February, Bob was arrested for growing marijuana at his Parrish home.


The state Attorney’s Office did not file charges because he was doing it to help with his wife’s medical condition. Despite their efforts to legalize medical marijuana, the Florida Legislature shot it down. Yet, this couple refuses to give up.


“If you’ve got someone who is really ill and you want to help them, you are going to do whatever it takes,” said Bob.


In a Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times, AM 820 News Tampa Bay Poll, local residents were asked how they feel about it.


When asked “Would you support or oppose a state constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medical reasons?”


Sixty-eight-percent support it, 24 percent oppose it, and 8 percent are not sure. The margin of error on all of the polls is +/- 3.9 %.


Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states. Opponents argue medical marijuana lacks FDA approval and leads to harder drug use.


While the battle for the legalization of medical marijuana continues, some also feel personal use should be allowed as well.


Donnie Clark served 12-years in prison for his role in growing marijuana in the 1980’s.


Despite this, the notorious member of the Myakka Gold gang thinks the legalization of marijuana for personal use would benefit himself and others.


“I’ve been a farmer all my life and the big money is going to be in hemp,” said Clark.  “Here in Florida we can grow two to three crops a year where in Canada they only grow one.”


But not everyone feels the same.


In another Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times, AM 820 News Tampa Bay Poll, residents were asked:


“Would you support or oppose legalizing marijuana for personal use, not just for medical reasons?”

Thirty-one-percent support it, 60 percent oppose it, and 8 percent are not sure.


The margin of error on all of your polls is +/- 3.9 %.

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