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Colon Cancer

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Its been quite a while since ive been on this site but I know this is the place to get the answers I need. A family friend of mine was just diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer with a 21cm tumor that is inoperable, she also has much smaller spots on her pancreas and stomach lining, testing will reveal if its in her lymph nodes, she is 44. She will begin chemo tomorrow and radiation treatment. My first thought was high cbd oil. My question to all of you is, In your opinions, do you think her ingesting like a Simp oil would be of any benefit? Im open to any and all opinions/ideas/discussions....I hope to hear from some of you as this is urgent! 

Thanks in advance,


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The very first thing she should do is start taking high dose resveratrol simultaneously with peprine. Resvertrol has been shown to kill colon cancer cells and it also has recently been shown to make the radiation treatment more effective. She should take it every 3 hours. I have taken this for over 7 years and always have nice blood panel tests. A friend of mine in the same situation as your friend was advised by me to do this. Unfortunately he didn't and after he was told he was terminal told me he should have done it. He had looked it up and came to that conclusion. His IQ was an honest 164, so not stupid. Start this immediately . Message me with questions. I googled resveratrol cancer and radiation and got these right away. 

Peperine an extract of black peper and "enhances the bodies ability to take in drugs. If her docotor says no to it then do the resveratrol once an hour. You can get bioperine via swansonsvitamins.com . They carry resveratrol too although I would get it from revgentics.com  Good luck.





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thc and cbd have both been found to shrink tumors in rats and kill human breast cancer cells in petri dishes.
just about every study you can read says thc and cbd are anti-cancer and anti-tumor.

Conclusion. The positive effects of cannabis on various cancer-related symptoms are tempered by reliance on self-reporting for many of the variables. Although studies with a control group are missing, the improvement in symptoms should push the use of cannabis in palliative treatment of oncology patients.

i read some patient testimony about a lady who used cannabis oil suppositories to directly attack her anal cancer.
its here if you want to read:




heres another lady who treated her stage 3 colon cancer:



1. cannabis oil cant hurt. no one has ever died from cannabis.
2. cannabis is shown in multiple studies to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells in rats
3. cannabis helps with pain
4. cannabis is the best nausea medicine
5. chemotherapy causes nausea

seems like a no brainer to me. good luck to you and your friend.

most doctors say stage 4 is terminal, dont they? what has your friend got left to lose? she doesnt want to be a pothead? lol.

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