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A Comparasion Of Sativex Vs Smoking Cannabis To Treat Hepc Nausea/appetite

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an interesting article i found from a guy in canada who got to try sativex for a very short time and wrote up his experience. actually its a guy who runs a dispensary. at least he'll know about cannabis.





This experiment was not meant to be either an endorsement or a criticism of Sativex, but
rather one person’s experience with it. I’d also like to point out that while a five-day trial
is admittedly too short to determine the long-term effects of Sativex on my condition, I
believe that it’s entirely adequate to make a preliminary and personal evaluation of
estimated time to onset of effects; dosage, intoxication and short-term side-effects;
taste/mode of ingestion; and initial symptom relief.

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in the article the author mentions that sativex doesnt have the same appetite effects that smoking does. he theorizes that the mix of cannabinoids from the two seperate plants (a strain high in thc and a strain high in cbd) is the culprit. that without the terpenes and other cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids, there is a different effect. this maybe good or bad of course, sometimes you dont want/need an increased appetite side effect.


its an important thing to think about. sativex has different effects and side effects, similar but different to raw marijuana.

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