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Arizona Mmj Panel Rejects Ptsd Petition As A Qualifying Condition.


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We acknowledge there is a growing body
of evidence concerning the basic science of cannabinoid receptors and the potential effects of
cannabinoids in animals and humans. Because marijuana has not been subjected to any high
quality, scientifically controlled testing in humans for any of the petitioned conditions, there is a
lack of evidence to support adding any of the conditions.

The Committee felt its concerns from the previous petition cycle were stili valid. There is the
potential for harm to patients, if the Department were to approve marijuana use for these
conditions. The risk of using a substance in undiagnosed/misdiagnosed conditions could result in a
worsening a more serious condition. Additionally, FDA-approved cannabinoid medications that
have undergone rigorous clinical trials contain warnings in their package inserts to use with
caution in patients with current or previous psychiatric disorders, as the medications may unmask
or exacerbate these illnesses. While the public comments and testimony were powerful, the
Committee, in order to maintain the medical foundation of the program, utilized scientific
evidence to guide the decisions



Will Humble, Director
January 10, 2014
Page 2
The Committee studied the thorough Evidence Review provided by the University of Arizona and
identified and reviewed the most persuasive studies. After careful consideration, the Committee
concluded that, based on the scientific evidence currently available, there is insufficient evidence
to support adding the conditions to the list of qualifying conditions. The Medical Advisory
Committee, by unanimous vote of all members present at the meeting of January 9, 2014,
recommended against adding:

0 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
0 Depression
0 Migraine Headaches



While the Committee could not support a recommendation to add migraines to the list of qualifying conditions, the members still felt migraine sufferers may already qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program through the condition for chronic pain.


at least our panel isnt unanimous, now it it could only get a quorum :P

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