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I Need Some Help! Retinitis Pigmentosa

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My daughter was just diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa today. I understand that it is a genetic disorder, and that as of currently there are no cures for it, and that the main strategy is to slow the progression.


With that said, it looks like vitamin A and fish oil can help with that. But more importantly so can cannabis.


Been looking all day to find dosing recommendations and strains. But cannot.


Wondering if anyone here on the forums has dealt with this as a patient or a caregiver? I would really appreciate any help that anybody has to offer.



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sorry to hear that.


the doctors in jamaica who came up with the cannabis eye drops said they talked to rastafarians who had better night vision after smoking marijuana. i see that reduced night vision is a symptom of RP.


can your daughter get certified for mmma under glaucoma ?

it sounds like such a similar disease.

it would be quite the shame to be denied a medicine that works to prevent blindness.


blindness is one of my greatest fears.



heres an article by a reporter with RP who says it restored her vision



more stuff





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I don't know about glaucoma, she was just diagnosed by her eye doctor today. She still has to see a specialist yet. Yeah I was thinking about asking him if she could get qualified for a card with RP. I read that about the Jamaicans to, pretty interesting stuff, and it's nice to know that she may be able to see at night! Thanks for all the info I'm going to check it out!

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