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Greater Clare Area Compassion Club/central Michigan Compassion Club


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Just a follow up on whats been going on. Many of you already know this news, but just in case here is the scoop. Greater Clare Area Compassion Club and Central Michigan Compassion Club are joining forces. Strength in numbers seems like the way to go. We will be continuing the model of no boss and a group led itinerary which is created via the sign up sheet located at each meeting. One major aspect that we want to get straightened out is our meeting place. Because Hydro 411 is no longer open (hence our meeting place is also gone), and we have members spread out all over Central Michigan, we would like to have a rotation of meeting places to fairly distribute the cost of travel for members to meet with us, and to allow more wide spread participation. 


I have met with or spoke with many of the members (and still making my rounds in talking to many others) and the support has been tremendous thus far. We have a lot of work to do, and look forward to all of you who have been involved with either club, as well as those looking to get involved!


More info coming soon, so stay tuned. We are planning on having the meeting rotation schedule figured out in the next few days. 

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moving the meeting around sounds like a great idea. good luck to ya!

Thanks, were hoping it takes some of the burden off of the members. Long distance and chronic pain can make it tough to get to the meetings, even if it is only 20-30 minutes to the site. Couple that with fuel cost or bad weather, it keeps people home.

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