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Need Dr. Rec Detroit Area

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for my patient, non-reporting probation has become go-to-jail for probation violation by events i won't relate.  my patient (with current card) needs to either test clean on the 25th or have a script for marinol.    his cert dr. from last july says he doesn't do marinol scripts.  my patient went to henry ford (his morphine slugs are prescribed there) and they said they don't do marinol for mmj patients.  somebody said try dr. meier or meyer or mayer--his brother got a script from dr m under similar circumstances.  but what's dr m's phone #? or what's the # of another Detroit area dr who might help?

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try callin http://www.doctorbix.com/

or http://www.greenlitetroy.com/


dr meyer is in saginaw (way far from detroit) http://www.drpaulmeyer.com/


and maybe dr mullen , who has a clinic on van dyke i think 


Dr. Ernest A. Mullen, MD
Address: 19431 Van Dyke Ave, Detroit, MI 48234
Phone:(313) 893-2010


all of those are good docs, if they cant help your patient, ask them if they know a doc who can.

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BINGO! after much failure and wasted phone calls i found an md in 48066 (roseville) who does mmmp recommendations with marinol prescriptions on the same visit.  have a 6pm friday for my on-probation having to pee every tuesday for probation patient who already has a hard card.  Now he will have a new more recent dr cert and a script to arm him for being on probation.  BINGO!

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