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Who Is The Burrien Compassion Club And How Do I Make Contact

pic book

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with you?  I'm on a strain expedition to recover cc99 (CC99), which krustydj gave me and which i grew happily, but which i lost in 2011, that hugely potent odorless indica-leaning hybrid bred by krustydj from his purple rain #1--#4.   I'm in detroit and kinda on the opposite side of the state.  Never been to burrien.  krusty and i only ever met and accomplished handoffs at joe's protests (great smoke and bull sessions) and both his fone #'s are disconnected.  Looking for anyone in the bcc or anyone who knows of it for any clue to help with my hunt for this strain...strain hunter with a one-track mind who wonders if there is a clue on facebook, that vast wasteland of multiple slim green shoots.

Seems like kyruzty's cc99= chemo x cindy99 x purple rain.

Are there any remnants of the bccc?

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his member profile on here shows no activity since april 2012, just days after he reported refusing to allow officers to inspect his grow w/o a warrant.  the site he lists as the compassion club site is down.  the phone is answered by ans machine...so i;m hoping someone knows something re how to get those beans.

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