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Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight


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Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight 8-10pm

www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion-


Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-


Tonight- In the midst of a national discussion surrounding issues with the militarization of law enforcement agencies, the sheriff of Saginaw County decides to return a tank to the federal government due to the cost of maintenance and for a lack of necessity. A recent study, authored by Dr. Marcus Bachhuber and colleagues, has concluded that there are lower opioid overdoses, and death rates associated with state medical marijuana laws. And- reform advocates will be gathering in Northern Michigan this weekend for the third MINORML Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk.


Joining us tonight will be Saginaw County Sheriff William L Federspiel


Marie J Hayes PHD, of the University of Maine, Orno, who co-authored, the commentary to the opioid study- 'Legalization of Medical Marijuana and Incidence of Opioid Mortality' which concluded:


“The potential protective role of medical marijuana in opioid analgesic-associated mortality and its implication for public policy is a fruitful area for future work."


And- MINORML Board Member, and one of the original masterminds of the Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk- Brad Forrester.


Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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