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Kosher Kush

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Is anyone here growing Kosher Kush, or has anyone grown it in the past? I find it to be a fantastic strain, and only one of two that I've found so far that will actually get me to sleep at night (the other is Blue Mystic). However, she is a funny plant. The yield is terrible, at just over a half oz per plant. While all my other strains form a solid root ball (5 gal. cloth pots with Promix) the KK doesn't. After harvest, when I move the pot by holding on to the stem, it acts like the roots are going to pull right out of the soil. She starts to wilt in flower while still having at least a half gallon of water in the pot, but perks up when I give her more. She's also likes to get powdery mildew. If the effect wasn't so good I'd just drop it, but this is a good one... if it would only grow better. Any tips on growing this strain?

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What Kosher lacks in weight she makes up for in effect. She is a slow veg plant and wants to bask in that sun for months before flowering. A quick pinch o two will help. After a couple dozen I decided to see if I could squeeze a bud or two more and this was the answer. Longer veg time. I eventually fired her from our garden but not until her offspring gave up a couple ounces per after 60 days veg, one pinch after one topping.


The powdery mildew indicates a room setting needs attention. The plant may be more susceptible but if conditions were not right mold wouldn't grow on it. Lowering your humidity setting and increasing night time temps may tweak to perfection. 

good luck

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