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Greater Clare/ Central Michigan Compassion Club News.


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Next meeting for the Central Michigan Compassion Club is October 11th at Noon till 2pm at Advantage Healthcare 313 W. Michigan Street, Mt. Pleasant, MI. This meeting is sponsored by Advantage Healthcare, who will be providing refreshments and $25.00 off coupons for all MMMP certifications, provided by their physician, Dr. Roddy, M.D., in person.  She has a clean record with the state, uses digital records, and stands by her certifications.


Topics that will be discussed- Where the 2 MMMP bills in Senate sit as of now, curing your harvest, and getting the ground ready for next year!


Remember, no meds to be brought, handed out, sold, traded, etc. Open to the public 18 or older (12 or older with parent or guardian present.)

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Just to be clear regarding the above post, Dr. Roddy will not be present at the meeting Saturday, you will need to make an appointment to get your discounted cert. Looking forward to seeing you all. We had a couple of our comrades go down at the hand of LEO this week. Our thoughts will be with them! Come to the meeting, 12:00-2:00 PM @ 313 W. Michigan Street, Mt Pleasant, MI at the Advantage Healthcare building.

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