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Cannabis ruderalis is a unique variety of cannabis that isn’t as popular as indicas or sativas.


Marijuana comes in a wide variety of different strains, which are often labelled as indica, sativa or hybrid.


Many claim the differences between indica and sativa are like night and day. But the truth is, after so many years of crossbreeding, most strains that exist today are likely some sort of hybrid.


While the accuracy of strain names continues to be debated, there’s a lesser-known species of cannabis that is said to exist. This species is known as Cannabis ruderalis.


No one is really sure how many species of cannabis there are, mainly because of the plant’s legal status.


A common belief is that all cannabis belongs to the same species, since different types can easily interbreed.


But others think that cannabis has a number of species. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are often considered different species. And while Cannabis ruderalis is less commonly considered its own species, the idea has drawn some supporters.


Cannabis ruderalis is a wild variety of cannabis that originates from Russia. The plants are incredibly short and only grow to about 2 feet tall. Compared to other varieties of cannabis, the leaves of ruderalis plants are smaller and fewer in number.


Ruderalis also produces very little THC, which lowers its appeal for recreational and medical users. In fact, ruderalis strains have been found to possess a chemical profile similar to Hemp.




Cannabis ruderalis was first classified in 1924 by the Russian botanist D.E. Janischevsky. He came across cannabis plants growing wild in Central Russia, and noticed that they were different from the Hemp varieties (Cannabis sativa) grown throughout Asia and Europe.


While much shorter than Cannabis sativa, the wild-growing plants were also unlike Cannabis indica, which was known for having intoxicating effects. As a result, Janischevsky concluded that a third species of cannabis existed.


The name ruderalis comes from ‘ruderal’, which is a term used by botanists to describe hardy, non-domesticated plants. In other words — a weed.


The Cannabis plant originated from Central Asia thousands of years ago and spread outwards as humans began to cultivate the crop.

a 2005 study found little genetic evidence to support ruderalis as a separate species. Instead, the gene pool of ruderalis seems to lie somewhere in between the gene pools of indica and sativa plants.

As a result, the researchers concluded that ruderalis is more likely a hybrid rather than a species of its own.


Short, wild-growing varieties of cannabis have also been found in other regions, such as Afghanistan, which suggests that humans have played a significant role in shaping the characteristics of cannabis through dedicated breeding and cultivation.

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