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Dr. Nora Volkow Of Nida - Changing Opinion?

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It seems that the leader of NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) sounds more reasonable than in the past.  We can hope that equates to improved access for research. 




Hmm, some interesting comments following the blog posting.....lol

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I don't know.  I haven't kept up with her very closely, but the tone seems different than the last time I saw her interviewed.


This is interesting too.  Recently approved studies involving cannabis



yeah recent as in 2007... i mean, its a nice page, and it sounds different, but still putting lipstick on that NIDA pig (not talking nora, but the org itself).


what i mean is that its the same "we arent blocking research, look at all this research!" they've been saying for 15 years.


are there 100 new research studies this year? yes/no.

if no, why not?


marijuana is the best for seizures. there is nothing better.

marijuana is the best for insomnia.

marijuana is the best for ptsd.

marijuana is the best for wasting/aids.

marijuana is the best for nausea.


not to mention pain , glaucoma, cancer, tumors, autism, anxiety, gastro problems, muscle spasms, etc etc etc etc


theres not even one study per all of the qualifying conditions here in mich.

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