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Nida Cant Grow High Thc Weed, But Figured Out High Cbd

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their highest THC marijuana ranks in at 12% THC

while their highest CBD variety ranks in at 15.76% CBD


leaf science reports charlottes' web has 20% cbd.


so obviously NIDA still has some work to do to make the highest CBD available.


but i have a question.


why is the price of NIDA research marijuana the same as street price marijuana?


Marijuana Pricing Schedule

Non-placebo Cigarette - $10.96 each

Placebo Cigarette - $13.94 each

Bulk Marijuana - $2,497 per kilogram

does that mean the 300 cigarettes sent to irv every month costs $3000?


where did they get this number? did they just take the price of a tobacco cigarette and multiply it by 10 or something?

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