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I attended a vendor/customer appreciation event today at one of the shops i go too, and recieved enough of the full line of heavy 16 nutes to do a full cycle for free. While the price points are very similiar to what im using from advanced right now, i like the way the system is set up. Im going to give it a go. Does anyone here have any experience with or currently use these nutrients? Ill be running them in coco on tables. Im particularly interested in the prime and fire.

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I love free samples :-)

with all of the new products out these days they seem to be plentiful

I hope you have good results


oh yah lol. Ive got boxes of free samples. I really hit it off with the guy and managed to get a wee bit more than just free samples tho. Lol, he seemed to really want me to stop using advanced and use heavy 16, apparantly there close competitors. Two gallons of there veg a&b and several sample boxes of there full line of additives, i would just need to buy a jug of there flower a, and a jug of flower b, not bad at 54 dollars a gallon.
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An update on the heavy 16, i am loving these nutes. Hoghly concentrated, most additives are one ml/gal, with the highest being in late flower at 3.5ml/gal. Ive substituted h&g roots accel for there roots and am seeing comparible results. The plants are still in veg, but ill keep this updated. Resevior seems to be pretty stable as well, not needing any adjustment at all over the coarse of ten days, aside from adding more solution. No ph up or down has been used at all.( i dont even own ph down anymore).

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