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Powerful hope


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Great article about Montel Williams and his struggle with MS ...


Some highlights ...

After a decorated 22-year stint in the military, Williams was at the peak of his entertainment career in 1999 as host of the Emmy-winning “The Montel Williams Show.” He was also in constant pain, downing a dozen opioids a day and battling depression that left him suicidal.

“It got out of control so quickly that I am still bearing the fruit and the damage of that even today, almost 20 years later,” Williams said.

“I feel no one has a right to get into the middle of a conversation between a doctor and a patient,” he said. “If a doctor recommends cannabis, then everyone else needs to shut up and get out of that conversation.”

“If we’re going to call this medicine, then you should produce it, formulate it and create it as medicine,” he said. “And if I can’t find what I want, then I’m going to create it myself.”

Up to 40 percent of people with multiple sclerosis are now using medical marijuana as part of their treatment, according to an estimate from the Integrative Neurophysiology Laboratory at Colorado State University.

Dr. Thorsten Rudroff, a neurophysiologist at the Colorado lab, said his research has shown cannabis has promise in easing pain and muscle spasms to improve the quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis.

“They are more active, sleep better and, very important, they stopped or reduced other pain medication such as opioids,” he said.


Hope always exists ...


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