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New Laws - What Happens to Caregivers?


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Hello. New member here. I'm a licensed caregiver/patient with 1 additional patient - my spouse. I do not provide services to the  outside to other patients although ive considered it and would like to. I do not grow more than 4 plants per cycle.  I provide and use all medicine for ourselves in both dry, edible and concentrate formats.

Basically, I grow for myself and my spouse patient - that's it. I set up this cycle to only support our internal medical cannabis  needs. I do not advertise and no one knows what I do even though the state of Michigan recognizes myself and spouse as legal.  I do not charge my patient (spouse).  No money exchanges hands.  There are no sales of any kind.  

So - my question is - when these dispensary laws get straightened out and put in place as law - what happens to me, the caregiver? And my patient, my spouse? Will i have to apply for a business license to keep doing what I'm doing? Or will I become illegal if I don't? Will we have to cease our own grow needs and purchase at dispensaries?   

I need to know so I can decide if we are moving out of state in January or are staying put in Michigan. Thank you in advance for any knowledge you can present. 


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