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Caregiver needed in Southwest Michigan


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I am looking for a caregiver in southwest Michigan (Van Buren, Allegan, Berrien counties).  I suffered a stroke and have constant head pain, nausea, lack of appetite and my pain keeps me up at night.  I haven't had any marijuana since the early 80's and know it has changed significantly.  I just got certified by my doctor today and need to find a caregiver soon as possible.  I am pretty much bedridden, I can get around with a walker to a degree.  So I am willing to meet at the caregiver's home or have them come to me.  I am open to almost anything at this point, I just want pain relief and to have an appetite back.  I would prefer edibles, topicals, oils.  I have never vaped, that is new to me but would consider it.   I live near Hartford so anything within a half hour range would be okay for me.  My husband would drive me.  I am looking for a couple things, I want to address the head pain that keeps me up at night, as well as find something that will be good for during the day.  The doctor's assistant recommended a blend of Indica & Sativa for daytime and an Indica for night time.  I also have RLS (restless leg syndrome) which causes extreme leg pain and cramps.  I want someone who is honest and will not take advantage of me.  I have friends who are knowledgeable about this stuff but unfortunately live too far away to be a caregiver for me.  So I will know if someone is trying to screw me over.  My name on here is CVA-51 because that is a stroke at the age of 51.  Too young to be stuck in bed all day.  This was all caused by a pain medicine doctor giving me an injection in the neck that went wrong and sent me to the ICU and caused me to have a stroke.  I want to get back to being active again, it is hard to concentrate on physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy when you are in constant pain and in tears.  Please if anyone can help me with an honest caregiver that will work with me to figure out a good strain to address my issues I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much. 

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