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Patient Delivery via Registered Caregivers & MMFLA licensed Provision Centers

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Hey Y'all,

Looking for Patients perspective:

  1. Now that the MMFLA is beginning to license Provision Centers, will you purchase from them or do you prefer to work with Caregivers, or both?
  2. I you could "elect/register with" a local Caregiver to deliver product based on your online orders from a Provision Center, would you use the service?
  3. If you could pre-order your medicine from a local Provision Center, for a modest fee ($1-2) so it was ready for express pickup, would you us the service?


  1. If you could easily and legally register with patients who wanted Provision Center products delivered, would you be interested in supporting them in obtaining their medicine in this way?
  2. Are you planning to test your harvest batches in the same manner that the licensed MMFLA growers will be required to do to ensure no pesticides, contaminants, mold, etc.?

What concerns or questions come to mind?

Thank you for your feedback!


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