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Looking for star tonic-growing caregiver


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Hi all,

Looking to work with a caregiver who grows Star Tonic, bud or RSO. Used to buy at A2Wellness and Om of Medicine but unfortunately, their stuff is no longer working for me. Star tonic is my heaven MMJ strain so if anyone else is growing it (the 2:1 version), I so would love to work with you. I would like to buy it in high enough quantities to be able to make RSO. Thanks all, let me know if you're out there. Am in Ingham county and regularly in Washtenaw county too, willing to drive a distance if you grow star tonic though!

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Thanks for your reply blackhorse. Do you happen to know anyone who still grows it, or even who could spare some cuttings? (I'm desperate.) I've tried buying several different blends of RSO, including with cannatonic, but I think there's something about it all coming from one strain and whatever its particular cannabinoid profile that really improves my symptoms like nothing else I've found, and I've tried stuff from all over. :( 

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On 6/18/2018 at 7:49 PM, blackhorse said:

I am still looking for Star Tonic. No luck so far.

 Me too. Thank you for looking. I haven't had any luck getting leads from dispensaries as to who their suppliers are when they do sell star tonic. There has to be someone else growing it out there, maybe, but I just have no idea how to find them.

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