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Patient looking to become caregiver in Metro Detroit area! 5 spots available.


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Hello, my name is Mayhem and I am looking for a few people to become a Caregiver for. I have been growing for 6 months and before I started growing I researched for a year before my first seed went in the ground. I grow organic using bottled/liquid organic nutrients. I now have several successful harvests under my belt with more coming in the future and I am looking to help spread this great medicine. I currently have 5 openings! I am still learning, but do strive to provide the best and cleanest medicine I can at decent prices (part of why I choose to grow organic). Donations range from 150-200/oz and I can deliver up to 2 hours away from the Metro Detroit area.


Strains that are ready dried and cured:



Strains I have going that will be ready soon:


More SD Catpiss (Sour, Citrus, Pinesol)

More Diesel (Spicy, Sweet, Minty)

Arctic Fallout Pheno #1 (Garlic, Body odor)

Arctic Fallout Pheno #2 (Raspberry, Body odor)


Sky Dweller (Chem, Pledge wood cleaner)

New Grape 48 (Purple kush x (Purple bud x AK48)

Cactus (White widow x Northern lights)



Strains I have going for the future:

Jujy Fruity🍎🍇

Gumdrop Cookies🍪🍬

More Original Diesel (Spicy, Sweet, Minty)

More Sky Dweller

More Blueberry

GDP (Pheno; Not yet known)

More Cactus (White widow x Northern lights)

More AF #1

More AF #2


Super Silver Haze (SD Catpiss Pheno)


Original Diesel



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