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Medical Marihuana Industry – Potential Health and Safety Hazards

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The hazards that may be present in the marihuana industry highlight the need for careful attention to safety and health at all facets of the businesses.

Not all items listed in this guide may be present at a medical marijuana facility. Conversely, there may be additional ones not listed on this guide that may be present. This guide is intended to provide a starting point for the identification and control of occupational safety and health hazards in this evolving industry.

Identifying and controlling workplace risk begins with an effective Safety and Health Management System.

Some Potential Safety and Health Hazards

  • Carbon dioxide used to enrich growing environment.
  • Chemicals used as plant nutrients.
  • Chemicals used to clean and sanitize equipment.
  • Chemicals used to extract essential oils from plant materials.
  • Dusts from growing or processing environments.
  • Noise from growing and processing equipment, i.e. generators or processing machinery.
  • Air contaminants (e.g., carbon dioxide)
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Labeling
  • Employee training

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