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Medical marijuana home delivery?


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Medical marijuana home delivery under consideration in Michigan


Medical marijuana patients might be able to soon have their medicine delivered… right to their homes under a proposed set of rules. Michigan officials are reviewing this with consideration.

Provisioning centers could send out an employee to deliver products to patients directly in a transaction as simple as ordering a pizza or Chinese food.

Marijuana home deliveries are allowed in Oregon, California and Nevada — though their programs are not all universal. Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Washington D.C. don’t allow for home delivery.

Under the proposed rules in Michigan, medical patients could order online and pay online for home deliveries. 

Provisioning centers would be allowed to staff one person to make home deliveries, who could only deliver to three patients at a time, according to the proposed rules. The provisioning center would have to be able to track the delivery’s GPS location at all times during the delivery, and logs would have to be kept. Deliveries would only be allowed to the home address of the patient.

Medical patients living in a city or township that has banned medical marijuana businesses from operating could receive deliveries from provisioning centers, said David Harns, spokesman for the state’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation.

hearing on the permanent rules is set for Sept. 17. The emergency rules and permanent rules are largely the same, save for the ability of provisioning centers to make deliveries, Copenhaver said.

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