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Looking for a caregiver in S. Michigan

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I am a computer programmer (contractor) who resides on location of my contracts.  I prefer CA and the Midwest.  I have my California MMJ license/card and will maintain it indefinitely.  I have had the Michigan MMP card in the past but due to my career changes I no longer meet the residency requirements.  However, I know that Michigan and California have a reciprocity agreement.  I am looking for a Michigan caregiver to provide me with Cannabis while I'm in Michigan.  I typically consume 3-4 oz/mo. as well as edibles and prefer Sativa strains.

I am currently wrapping up a project in southern CA and will be back in the area full time mid-July or later.  Please DM me if you can be of assistance.

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Caregivers can only legally take care of their patients.

Provisioning centers and recreational center can provide to out of state people.

Good luck.

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