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Caregiver looking for patients - Southwest MI


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Hey were looking for a few more patients to fill spots on our roster.  Allowing us to be your caregiver will give you access to a variety of strains at wholesale prices.  We also recently added a "low temp" heat press for making some of the best solventless dabs(rosin) available.  In addition we can make great tasting gummies and cannabutter at your request.  We run a nice clean garden with the latest technology. I could only fit one photo on this post so I provided a link to our current selection, there are also a couple pics of the facility as well.  Feel free to message if you have further question of any kind, dont be shy.

- Matt 


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Alright potential patients, we are jam packed with super bomb flower looking to fill a couple patient spots with some heavy users!  We have rebranded a bit and now go by Lofi Farm.  Check us out on instagram or twitter!  We offer incredible flower, including a 1:1 cbd :thc strain that checks all the boxes.  We are constantly bringing in new strains to find exciting new flavors and are in the works of breeding some of our own exclusive strains!  Join our team and never have to worry about your med needs again!


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