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Marijuana Caregiver Ordinance Considered in Mt Clemens


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Here they come….

MOUNT CLEMENS — Mount Clemens is one step closer to adopting a medical marijuana caregiver facility ordinance.

At the April 5 Mount Clemens City Commission meeting, one item up for discussion was introducing and reading the ordinance, which was approved in a 4-2 vote. Its April 19 meeting, after press time, was set for when the ordinance adoption could happen.

Commissioners Ron Campbell and Laura Fournier voted no. Commissioner Denise Mentzer was absent from the meeting.

In November, the commission adopted a resolution establishing a moratorium on issuance of any permits, certificates or approvals relating to patient caregiver cultivation of marijuana.

“The city has experienced a number of cooperatives in vacant industrial or commercial buildings where multiple caregivers have gone into one building, fenced it off and are growing plants as if they had a growers license under the Medical Marijuana Ordinance,” Mount Clemens City Attorney Michael Murrary said.

Murray added that the ordinance provides for caregivers to be restricted to single-family residences. The ordinance would permit two caregivers per home, with each residence being the principal dwelling for each caregiver.

Read the rest here at C and G Newspapers

Caregiver – Patient Coalition

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