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Need help in Kalamazoo/Portage area...

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My wife has a really bad medical condition and we found out that really strong indicas work for her. So we got her a medical card and I have become her caregiver, but I am not so great at growing so we been spending a ton at the dispo for quality and it's been tearing my pockets up. Help?!?

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If you can give some specifics about your grow it would be easier to diagnose any problems you might be having. Frequently new growers will water or feed the plants too often or harvest them before they are ready.

What sort of problems are you having with your grow? 

Are you growing in soil or hydroponically?

What kind of lights do you use?

How many hours a day are your lights on?

What do you use for fertilizer?

If you can post pictures of your plants that might also be helpful.

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I actually gave up and don't have a grow going right now. My wife is somewhat a snob when it comes to her meds and I haven't been able to produce snob level meds. I have about 10 grows under my belt all in soil in a indoor tent. Photos and autos.

I think it does the job and my friends say it's pretty good unless they are trying to protect my feelings. My wife says it's like a cheap cola compared to Coke or Pepsi. I do agree my stuff has never looked like the top shelf at the dispo.  

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Your problem might be how you cure your meds rather than the grow itself. If you want good flavor and smooth smoke it needs to be cured properly. Don't give up. Each grow will expand your knowledge and they will get better and better.


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