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Odd Plant Issues In Veg Stage



Hi all,


I have been growing on my own for the last 3 1/2 years. As we all know we have alot of ups and downs. I just recently found that my gurls in the veg stage have been having some strange issues. They olny have 1,2 or 3 leaves? I have been trying to figure it out on my own and doing some reasearch. My ph is 6.3 well water, I grow in Promix bx. I use a one part grow mix every other watering. But the strange this is. I was doing good. no weird leaves. They was all nice and green. My temps have been running 63-80 F.


If anyone has had this issue and could help me get back to normal green 5 leaf plants. Or and No bugs at all.


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Personal exsperiance has shown me that "well" water changes throughout the year. EX: note diff ppm in spring rather then fall. SOOO if ppm changes, then the mineral content also will change in an unknowing way obvesouly..Thats why R.O. water always the same. Easy "try", I know it helps to, go to manards and get yourself a Hole house water filter. Better yet get two, a pre filter and the second run the charcoal filter.. Thats the way I set up rooms using well water..

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Plants can exhibit single leaves or 3 leaves without having any stressors as well. If a cutting was taken during the beginning of the flowering stage (which can even occur before a 12/12 light cycle), it may have single leaves. This is caused by the tight leaf material that protects the calyx sites to straighten out and lengthen from the plant stem. You will still have good bud production, and may or may not have leaves later on that are normal looking. As long as you have leaves, you will be ok, regardless of the number of blades per leaf.


 Were your cuttings take near the bottom of the plant where there is limited light penetration, or were they showing any pre-flower sites?

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I agree with all of the above statements that it can cause that or too much of whatever nutrient. There is something else you may want to consider. Maybe your light bulbs for veg need to be replaced. Not enough light can cause reduced blades on the leaves. It can also cause the plants to go into somewhat of a flowering mode even though the lights are on 24/7. That is due to lack of light in many cases.

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r/o  6 stage  water bubble stone   kept at 68 degree   also try canna coco  nut line i sware by it


I water a 7 gal pot   1gal at a time  when it needs it at 5.8 ph  when u use it in coco


its so clean u really do not need a flush    molases unsulfer last week

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My last grow of 9# Hammer did this. I wondered what I did to the plant but it eventually grew nice buds! I took clones from the bottom the plant on the day I transplanted & flipped to 12/12, I know that wasn't the best plan but it worked out.

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